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Turquoise Bay Resort, are following the guidelines of the World Health Organization, C.D.C. , The Health Department of Honduras, and CANTUHR, from US and European entities. We have developed new biosecurity and sanitization protocols. We have analyzed every department in detail, their daily work routines, and trained our staff on how to implement these new procedures. We are confident and ready to guarantee your safety from the moment you arrive and board our bus fleet until your departure.



To keep our commitment of keeping every guest safe, providing them that unforgettable moment, and satisfying vacation, we will keep ourselves in line with the regulations. Below are the new Turquoise Bay Resort staff protocols:

• Upon the arrival and departure of hotel staff, their temperature will be taken and kept on record. If their temperature is above the normal (98.6F/37C), they will not be able to enter the hotel and be sent to a doctor to assess each case.
• All shoes will be disinfected upon arrival, departure and applied in various public areas throughout the hotel
• Face masks are to be worn at all times while interacting with guests or when present in public areas.
• Proper use of the new Hand Washing and Sanitation Stations that are placed throughout the hotel.
• Signs have been put in all work areas to remind staff to wash and disinfect their hands
• The use of cell phones is prohibited while on shift.
• Electrostatic disinfection


Our priority is your safety from the moment you reach Roatan and throughout your trip. Our bus drivers will be waiting for you to wear the proper safety gear. We have our means of transportation, guaranteeing you that every bus is cleaned and disinfected properly using the new Bio Security protocols listed below.

Bio Security Protocol for Buses
• Every surface is disinfected with a 70% or higher alcohol solution.
• Air Condition is used with external airflow for better circulation.
• Social distancing is performed by operating at 50% capacity.
• A face mask is required by each guest while being transported by Turquoise Bay Resort, if needed a mask will be provided before entering the bus.
• Shoes are to be disinfected before bus entry using 70% or higher alcohol solution.
• Hand sanitizer is to be applied before entering the bus.
• Luggage is sprayed with a 70% or higher alcohol solution before being loaded in the bus.


With this time, we have remodeled our front desk area to create a better and more welcoming experience for you. While enjoying our famous welcome drink, you will feel accommodated in this new area while awaiting your check-in, which has been modified to ensure faster service with minimal physical interaction.

• For guests who have opted for our Pre Check-in, they will receive an email linked to their reservation, with all documentation needed to complete the check-in. Guests will have the option to email us back the completed documents or have them printed and filled out ready upon arrival.
• Front Desk area is disinfected before and after every check-in and every 45 minutes.
• The Front Desk team is always using facemasks.
• Our staff uses gloves with every transaction and change them accordingly.
• Arriving guests, are to use the provided floor mats to disinfect shoes before making their way to the Front Desk area.
• Temperatures of all arriving guests are taken.
• We encourage guests to practice social distancing by utilizing the designated footmarks as a friendly reminder to keep six feet apart.
• Room key bracelets, towel cards, and other items are disinfected and placed in a sealed paper bag for you to open at check-in.
• Contactless credit card readers are in place.
• Pens and other everyday office supplies are kept in a sanitation solution.
• We will utilize the Las Sirenas office, and our Conference room when checking in large groups so we can apply social distancing and speedy service.


We do our best to keep all equipment working properly and efficiently, but sometimes we may need to enter a guest's room to resolve a maintenance issue. If a guest needs assistance from maintenance, the following protocols are in place:

• Maintenance staff will disinfect their shoes before entering the room.
• Every tool utilized in resolving a maintenance issue will be disinfected and cleaned before and after each use.
• Once the issue is resolved, a member from our housekeeping department will be scheduled to come to disinfect floors and all surface areas where work was completed.


Our guest's comfort is a matter of great importance. To ensure their peace of mind we have revolutionized our sanitation systems. With our new techniques and better equipment, we are guaranteeing all items within the rooms are properly cleaned and sanitized before your arrival and throughout your stay.

• A floor mat with a disinfectant is placed at the entrance of each room.
• Disposable disinfectant wipes are used to prevent cross-contamination.
• Mops, brooms, and other cleaning utensils are disinfected between each room cleaning.
• All surfaces are dusted, cleaned, and disinfected daily.
• The disinfection process will be executed using an electrostatic sprayer
• Fresh linens will be delivered in a color-coded dry bag and will be stored in a sanitized area in our laundry
• Used linens are transported in different color-coded dry bags.
• The temperature on the washing machines are set to 80 F
• The temperature on the dryers are set to 120 F
• Our housekeeping staff will conduct everyday cleaning procedures when the guest(s) are not present in the room to ensure social distancing practices.
• If a specific day and time for cleaning is desired, please inform the front desk.
• Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer are provided in every room


To ensure that every product that enters our facility is safe for use and consumption, we have created a designated area where all products are washed and disinfected for proper storage.

• Suppliers are scheduled to deliver one at a time.
• Suppliers use facemasks and gloves while on Turquoise Bay Resort Property.
• All arriving products are sprayed with a chlorine solution.
• Vegetables and fruits are washed with an iodine solution.
• Storage areas are disinfected at the beginning of each shift and after every product delivery.
• Our staff applies social distancing measures and continuously wear facemasks.
• Gloves are used and changed accordingly throughout the shift.


The two areas of the utmost care as we are an all-inclusive resort and you spend most of the time within our restaurants, and bars. Our commitment to delivering great food in a hygienic environment at all times

Kitchen Protocols
• Completed remodel the Kitchen
• Polish concrete Floors
• Walls covered with an Epoxy finish ensuring a flat and smooth surface
• Some walls are covered with stainless steel sheets
• Improve drainage
• Improved airflow
• We changed all working surfaces
• A specific area where all products go through a disinfection process: fruits and vegetables with an Iodine solution all other products with a Clorox solution
• Floor mats with a chlorine solution for shoe disinfection are in key entry points.
• Kitchen staff must wash their hand every 30 minutes at the designated handwashing station
• All kitchen utensil and surfaces are washed and disinfected every 30 minutes with POLYQUAT (quaternary ammonium)
• Dishwashing station has been set to a cleaning and disinfecting cycle known as P3. It elevates the water temperature to (150°C/302°F) for washing and (180°C/356°F) on the final drying stage
• Buffet Service is modified to “host service” to reduce excessive contact. The food exhibit is now closed and a designated host (server) will assist guests from behind the counter with a facemask, gloves, and hair net.
• Serving utensils are replaced every 30 minutes
• Food temperatures are taken every hour
• Hot food temperatures are always served at or above (65°c/149°F)
• Cold food is served below 5°C

Restaurant and Bars protocols
• The disinfection process will be executed using an electrostatic sprayer
• The buffet restaurant has two sittings so each table is only used one time before it can be sanitized disinfected and ready for another guest
• Floor mats for shoe disinfection and hand sanitizer gel are available at all key entry points
• Social distancing measures are in place between tables and chairs
• Automated carton cups dispensers
• Floor marking at the buffet line
• Employees wear the proper safety protective gear and change their gloves accordingly
• Cutlery will be given to all guest inside a single-use only paper wrapping
• Single-use only salt and pepper upon request
• Paper napkins
• Dishwasher settings in all bars are set to a washing cycle up to (120°c/248°F)
• Self Service Sauce bins, soft drinks, and juices areas are disinfected every 30 minutes.


1- Divers upon arrival at the shop should have washed hands with water and soap, at the entrance to the shop always rub hands with an alcohol-based sanitizing solution and wear a face mask.

2- Dive center check in fill out the registration waiver (we recommend to fill out this document online). Show certification card to the customer service staff.

3- Equipment Drop-off: Diver will have a locker number with your name, staff will provide you with a name tag for your BCD. Ask for your weights. Leave BCD, fins and weights at your locker and staff will take this to the boat for you every morning. Diver is responsible to take mask, snorkel, regulator, wetsuit

4- Scuba gear disinfection Use disinfected cleaner located on the personal disinfection station, “simple green”. This solution eliminates odors, cuts through tough grime and will not harm surfaces. Kills 99.9% of bacteria
• Mask – diver is required to have a box and to keep mask there before use. To disinfect your mask, use the personal disinfect station located next to the locker area.
• Regulator – Clean the second station, submerge it in the container and discard the solution after use. We recommend to use a dry bag to cover the second station before use.
• BCD – Divemaster will clean the BCD in the disinfected shower area.
• Wetsuit – diver can clean the wetsuit at the disinfected shower area, hang the suit and use the spray with disinfect solution ‘Simple green’ and rinse it with the hose.
• The rental gear will be disinfected before rent and at return.

Boarding the boats

• Upon arrival for diving, Dive Masters will have tanks for divers on their corresponding boats with BCDs and weights. Divers will have an assigned spot on the boat for the week.
• Diver carries mask, regulator, wetsuit, fins, personal belongs
• Each tank will have a dust cap on the valve, not only for marking the full cylinders, but also because the valves will be disinfected at the filling station.
• Dive masters and captain will use face masks and disposable gloves to grab the tanks by the valves.
• The captain or dive master must ensure that all divers disinfect their hands with alcohol before boarding.
• The regulator should be in a dry bag or regulator transport case that protects the regulator.
• The mask should be kept at all times within a mask case.
• Snorkels should be held in a dry bag until the entry moment.

On the Boats

• Size of groups maximum number of divers per boat is 12 divers with individual reservations. For dive groups that travel together we will follow the standards the group leaders suggest.
• Distribution per side, divers will be allocated 6 per side on the boat, leaving 2 tank deposits between them. If they are going out for two tanks one of the two tank deposits left empty will be used for the second tank. Dive master will have a spot in the tank deposit beside the captain’s chair. For dive groups that travel together we will follow the standards the group leaders suggest.
• Mask & snorkel rinse tank container at the end of the boat will no longer be used, masks should always be kept in their cases when diver is not in the water. Ask dive master for fresh water to rinse your mask between dives.
• Mask defogging solutions or “baby shampoo” available to use. If a diver spits on the mask, he should rinse it in ocean water away from the rest of the group.
• Cookies and candy will be available, fresh fruit on individual containers.
•Drinking water, bring your own water on reusable container, refill available on the boat.
• Disinfection of hands and use of face mask will be mandatory. With groups we will follow the protocols suggested by the group leader.
• Staff will be using face masks at all times.
• The interiors of all the boats will be disinfected with alcohol 70% prior to the arrival of divers.

International Travel Information

With all the changes due to COVID-19, new procedures have been implemented by the authorities regarding airport biosecurity protocols. International travelers must compel with these new measures.

Before you Travel
The online form that you must complete before entering Honduras is the Immigration Pre-Check Form. You can find it here:

Please take the following in consideration:
• The form must be submitted only when you are within 48 hours of your entry date. Before this time, you can only register on the site and complete the questions of registration.
• We strongly advice you to complete the form on a desktop or laptop.
• Once you receive your response through email it’s necessary to print it out and carry it with you.

COVID-19 Testing for Non-Vaccinated
All non-vaccinated travelers are obliged to provide a negative COVID-19 test result before traveling to Honduras. Everyone who is non-vaccinated or not fully vaccinated visiting Honduras must hand-carry the negative test results for a PCR or rapid test taken less than 72 hours before entering the country. When doing check-in, the passengers must show the test results.

The accepted COVID-19 test is the following:
• Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test in real-time.
• Rapid test with a minimum Specificity of 85%, Sensitivity of 98%, or Antigen Test.

COVID-19 for Fully Vaccinated
You must present your ORIGINAL vaccination card against Covid-19. If you are already immune to the disease, you must present your ORIGINAL vaccination card where it was applied. You must be fully vaccinated (two doses or only one dose for Johnson & Johnson vaccine) with more than TWO WEEKS before traveling and no Covid-19 test is required.

Airport Biosecurity protocols to travel Safely:
• Wear a mask over your nose and mouth
• Stay 6 feet from others and avoid crowds
• Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer

Covid-19 Information to get back into United States
By requirements of the CDC all passengers arriving into the U.S.A. must provide a negative test result for COVID-19 with no more than 3 days before their flight departure. Testing for COVID-19 is available to all our guests, if you want to book your appointment you can do it while making your reservation or at our front desk.

Common Entry requirements:
All international travelers must have a passport valid for at least six months before your return travel date.
Yellow Fever Vaccination is required for residents of South America or persons that have transited through those areas.
For any additional information regarding entry requirements we advise you to contact the Honduran Embassy.

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